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Empowering life

Inspiring science, technology & service advancements that promote improvements in your everyday life.

A love for living life demands participation in efforts to make life for others even better.  We want to contribute to a better future by making investments in building better life technologies.

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We know what is important- living life everyday with joy, purpose and fulfillment.  We want to provide opportunities for others to achieving the life they want to live.  

We look for passion and promise in everything we do.  We hope to be inspired by you and in return help inspire the future. 


Promoting practical science and technology that provides real results for real people in everyday life.

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After years of experience in translational science and business, our group has merged expertise in both areas to provide a powerful impact by investing in life technologies.  We are curious and meticulous with our ventures.  

We want to succeed in everything we do so we can provide  opportunities to invest in the future.  We want to cultivate products and services that directly and indirectly impact the options you have to live life to the fullest.